Welcome to the ingress resistance

look below for some resources & information to help get a new agent started

Smurfling Lessons

The best place to begin learning the basics. Smurfling Lessons is a great set of info-graphic images, showing clearly and simply, many of the do's & don'ts to get you started. If an agent directed you here, Smurfling Lessons is most likely what they want you to see.

Fev Games Ingress Guide

The guide has the most comprehensive and accurate information about the features of the Ingress application

Other Useful Links

Niantic Ingress Help

Going to the source is always a good idea

Community Directory

If you're trying to find other players in your area this can be a big help

Ingress on Google+

A whole lot of conversation, news, and tips from Niantic and the Ingress world


A handy web-site & app to keep track of, and predict your ingress activity and leveling


Once you start glyph hacking it's good to have glyph sequence references

Portal Calculators

( Android )   ( iOS )
It's always good to have a pocket reference to help with the ingress math


Connect with your local community
Check the community map above, or set your comm to 5km or 10km and reach out to active players in your area. When you see an agent name in comm or on a portal, you can long-press the name to send a message (make sure you're on the Faction tab). They may already be trying to contact you.

How do I level up
There isn't any one fixed answer, it's going to depend on game situation in your area, local teammates can help the most.
In some areas micro-fielding is best, in others it might be destroying, others still it's simply capturing & deploying

Hack everything, there's no shame in getting the gear you need from hacking the opposing teams portals as you pass by, and it's free AP

Don't Campfire
Your distance from the portal when you deploy a resonator determines how far the resonator is placed from the portal, and any upgrades to your resonator must go in the same location. If the resonators are all close to the portal it makes it much easier for them all to be taken out with the fewest xmp. Generally it's best to deploy as far from the portal as you can while still in range. (see the Smurfling Lessons #18)